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All throughout history, man's continual search for knowledge has led many of these researchers to invent the two handed telescope binoculars during the 17th century.  Telescope binoculars were created fairly soon after the invention of the telescope itself (also the one handed binoculars but in smaller numbers).  Over time, the words "telescope binoculars" have become known as just "binoculars".  Unlike a monocular telescope, binoculars give users a three-dimensional image, even at night when using night binoculars.

How did this three-dimensional image from a pair of  binoculars come about?  This binocular three-dimensional image (whether it originates from digital, night vision, zoom or any other type of binocular) forms from the two views, presented from slightly different viewpoints to each of the viewer's eyes, produce a merged view with depth perception.  With digital binoculars, night vision binoculars, and essentially all types of binoculars, there is no need to close or obstruct one eye to avoid confusion, as is usual with monocular telescopes

This three-dimensional image with depth perception provided by one of the many different types of designs of binoculars, i.e. digital binoculars, waterproof binoculars, night vision binocular etc is considered the major visual advance achieved with the progression from the monocular to the binocular telescopes.

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