Press Release


Add The Purchase Of a Pair Of Binoculars To Everyone’s Technical Future


Until just the last few years, one pair of binoculars was considered the same as another. Some manufacturers were better known than others and thus there existed a price range. During the last few years, along with the digital camera, the iPod, and the personal computer revolution, a silent but not surprising evolution was occurring in the world of binoculars.

Unknown to the general public, different characteristics of various items already existing in the market places were beginning to become incorporated into the production of binoculars. The names of the majority of the companies involved in this “revolution” remained distant from the minds of the general consumers. This still helps a great deal presently in keeping the prices of top binoculars reasonable. What is missing is the percentage of the price that would normally be falsely elevated due to a well-known manufacturer.

Out of this silent evolution of the modern day binocular came fourteen different characteristics, each now considered a separate category of binoculars. The only web site, apparently considered the up and coming premier site, on the World Wide Web, that offers all fourteen different types of binoculars, along with more involved binoculars that may include up to four of the fourteen characteristics in one pair of binoculars, goes by the name “A Plus Binoculars”.

Apparently, reading the list of the fourteen categories of binoculars may give those few individuals, still not grasping what was written earlier, a better understanding. The list, then, contains the following: Waterproof, Digital, Perma Focus, Excursion/Travel, Multicoated optics, Compact, Rubber Coated, Nitrogen Charged, Dr/Br/Dt Series, Pro-sport, High Sierra Marine, Night Vision, Range Finder and Image Stabilizer. On this premier web site, at the beginning of each category, one finds an easy to understand, written definition of each of the fourteen types of binoculars.

One of the author’s main goals in producing “A Plus Binoculars” was to represent an item whose rapidly growing popularity is just now beginning. This web site introduces this new generation of a previously older fairly boring item in an exciting educational and financially feasible manner. This website accomplishes this very well indeed, and works towards increasing more rapidly the expected desirability of this product. This new and diverse visual aid is expected to follow the rise in popularity of such items as the digital camera, the mp3 player and the cell phone.

A nice way to bring this press release to a close, I feel, would be to mention a few sentences about the creator and author of “A Plus Binoculars.” Reed Oxman MD, a physician, double boarded in Emergency Medicine and Pain Management, with no computer background what so ever is the author and creator of this visually stimulating and very timely web site. This physician suddenly found himself partially disabled and thus no longer employable in his main area of training, that of the ER. With only the ability to work mainly sitting down such as at his computer, what more perfect a project than a web site. The moral of this story is if you take a few deep breath, consider your situation, you will often come up with solutions that, such as in this case, is bound to be a winner.